Ultra Moon Unlocked (3DS)

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Authentic Nintendo Pokemon Ultra Moon Game. Cartridge and original case. This game is brand new besides being opened to load the save data. The custom save file is included as well. Also known as an Unlocked UltraMoon.


Data Description

  • All Pokemon from Bulbasaur 001 thru Zeraora 807 are 100% Legal!
  • All Pokemon that can possibly have the Black-Cross mark have it.
  • Can be traded/battled online and deposited into Pokemon Bank!
  • Battle Ready Pokemon with correct natures, EVs, moves, etc!
  • Customizations Choose your Trainer details and Pokemon options (full details below).
  • Many Official Event Pokemon & 28 Shiny Foreign Dittos designed for all your breeding needs!
  • All legal items including Z Items, Mega Stones, Orbs, and all others.
  • Max Festival Coins, all Legal Fashion items unlocked, 255 of every Poke Beans.
  • Full PokeDexes and all current regional Mystery Gifts.



For customizations please leave your details in the note during checkout or email or contact me. Full customization options found further down below.

Standard Unlocked files will come with the following: Trainer "Sun", Male, Litten, Shiny Pokemon, Max Levels.




All 807 Legal Pokemon:
By default all 807 Pokemon are shiny (besides shiny-locked Pokemon) and are 100% unique and legal. You can request nonshiny Pokemon. The Pokemon will also match your trainer info just as you hatched or caught them yourself. There is one empty box included so you can catch your own Pokemon or move Pokemon around easily. Four unique Zeraora Event Pokemon are included.
Battle Ready:
All Pokemon have correct natures, EVs, Moves, abilities, held item, etc (mostly based on the newest Smogon Strategies). At least 2 of nearly every Legendary Pokemon is included; each with a unique and different Smogon set.
Event Pokemon:
Some Pokemon are Event only, but don't worry they are included so you'll get all 807! There are some duplicates of Event Pokemon that are natural the way they came from the Event and some that are Battle Ready.
28 Shiny Foreign Dittos:
28 unique shiny foreign dittos are include for all your breeding needs. Click the purple button below to view a full table of all IV spreads, natures, and full info for all 28 Dittos.




You can request the following options. You can leave these options in the notes during checkout or email me. If you don't send customization details you'll be given the Trainer name "Sun", Male, Shiny Pokemon at Max Level with Litten as your starter.

  • Trainer Name (up to 12 alpha-numeric characters)
  • Trainer Gender (Male or Female)
  • Skin/Hair/Eyes (select one of four options)
    • Light Skin, Light eyes, Light Hair
    • Light Skin, Light eyes, Dark Hair
    • Slightly dark skin, Dark eyes, Dark Hair
    • Dark skin, Dark eyes, Very dark hair
  • Starter Pokemon
    • Rowlet
    • Litten
    • Popplio
  • All Pokemon Shiny or Nonshiny (will not effect shiny-locked Pokemon or Events)
  • Level Options ("Max Levels" or "Natural Levels")


Bonuses & Extras

The game is loaded with at least 995 of every item. You'll have every HM and 995 of every Berry. You will also have the maximum amount of every Poke Ball, TM, Mega Stone, Battle Item, and so on.
Full National Dex:
From the very beginning of the game, you'll have access to the full regional PokeDex. Once you've defeated the Elite Four, like a true Pokemon Master, the entire National Dex will be filled as well and completed already for you.
Other Gifts:
  • 9999999 PokeDollars
  • 9999 Battle Points
  • 9999999 Festa Coins
  • 255 of all Poke Beans
  • All Legal Fashion Items