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This service is only compatible with "unpatched" Switches.
To test if you Switch is patched, go to the following URL and enter your Serial Number. The Serial number is on the bottom side of the switch (the same side with the USB-C port).

This is Service! You send YOUR Switch.

The address and shipping instructions will be provided after checkout.


Service, High Speed SD Card, Switch Key (with charger), Jig, and PokEdit's Select App Suit. 

100% Guaranteed. Newest Switch Firmware comes installed on the system so you can access the eShop and Play Online on the Stock-Side. The Mod-Side can do all of the Homebrew and Custom stuff!

This setup is great for beginners or anyone with limited time. Everything is ready to use.  An instruction packet is included plus full Customer Support!

Purchase this Send-In listing. On the checkout page, you'll have access to my shipping address. Pack up your Switch as per the instructions and ship it to me. I will prepare it and then ship it back to you.


Two-Sided Mod
2-in-1 Sys & EmuNAND.
Custom Firmware for Switch.
Retro Reloaded
Easy to use boot manager.
Bootloader, tools & more!
Homebrew with many Apps.
Title Managers
Management and game installations.
Multiple ways for cheats and codes.
Pokemon Save Editor.
Custom Themes
Install beautiful custom themes.
Play Videos
Watch movies and video files.
Theme Database
View & Install many themes.
Install Game Carts
Leave those cartridges at home!
Play classic game ROMs.
View & Download Switch Apps.
FTP File Transfer
Leave the SD card in your Switch.
Stream PC games to your Switch.
Firmware Updates
Update or downgrade EmuNAND.
Safe and Secure
Keeping your protected.



What can it do?
You can install custom apps, themes, *free games, use cheats, create/edit Pokemon, and much more!

PokEdit's Select Apps Suite is ready to use. If you're not tech-savvy, no worries! I provide customer support via email, phone, discord, and can provide guides for anything you want to do.


Two-Sided Mod
A Switch setup with a Stock-Side (OFW) and a Mod-Side (EmuNAND) is like having two Switches in one!

On the Mod-Side, you can use it for all the cool stuff described on this page. To use it like a normal switch, just boot up the Stock-Side.

• On the Mod-Side, you'll be using cheat codes, save editing, playing ROMs and more!

• On the Stock-Side, you'll be connected to your Nintendo account, using the eshop, and playing online.

mod and stock side



Setup Details
Atmosphere is the custom firmware of choice. It's open source, safe, and will have updates long into the future. SX OS (without a licensee) can be enabled too.

When you (re)boot a Modded System, you'll be taken to the Retro Reloaded Boot Menu. From there you can pick your Switch Side, load payloads like Hekate and Lockpick, or change your Retro Reloaded Settings.

mod and stock side



Cheats and Saves
There are many ways to use cheat codes. That means stuff like infinite ammo/lives, unlocking all characters, invincibility, and more. With Edizon, you can enable cheats while playing in real-time. With Tinfoil you can boot your games with cheat codes preloaded. And you'll have access to more cheats with Checkpoint. Edizon, Tinfoil, and Checkpoint are all easy to use apps.

You can also cheat by loading 100% unlocked save files. Download saves from the internet or use Save Projects in Tinfoil to unlock your games. Edizon also has some save editors for some of the popular games.

It is possible to create your own cheats with Edizon. This could be useful for less popular games that might not have cheats available. It's little more of an advanced feature, but it can be very helpful and even fun to create your own cheats!

mod and stock side



Title Managers
And handful of very good title mangers are included: Tinfoil, Awoo Intaller, and Lithium. These are multi functional tools and allow you to install/uninstall Nintendo Switch games.

Use these tools to manager your games, navigate and manage your SD card files, and other useful features. These title managers can connected to online servers or even connect to your computer via USB.

mod and stock side



Save Management and Pokemon
With apps like Checkpoint and Edizon, you can backup and restore your save files. With some games, like all of the Switch Pokemon games, you'll have access to advanced save editors like PKHeX.

PKHeX is an easy to use Pokemon Save editor that you use on your PC for free. Switch Mods give you the tools needed to use PKHeX; allowing you to create, edit, and gen Pokemon exactly how you like them. There are save editors for other popular games as well.

mod and stock side



Custom Themes
Nintendo really dropped the ball on this one, but NXThemes Installer app is here to pick it up the slack! Install beautiful themes that really make your Switch pop!

Themezer-NX app will give you easy access to a Theme Database. You don't even need to use a PC; just download and install them directly with your Switch.

It's also possible to create your own custom themes. Make it how you like it!

mod and stock side



Play Videos
You can now watch video files (movies, shows, etc) on your Switch. The Pplay app can play all of the common video files and subtitle files. Throw your favorite anime shows on your Switch and watch them on the go.

mod and stock side



Emulator and ROMs
RetroArch is preloaded with all compatible cores. That means you can play ROMs for all the classic consoles. Some of those possibilities include the following: N64, Super Nintendo, NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Game Gear, TurboGraphix 16, and so many more!

You can easily add your ROM collection and start playing on the go.

mod and stock side



More Details
Hbmenu: There's much more that you can do with a Two-Sided Switch Mod. With the Hbmenu you can load all sorts of custom applications for the Switch. Many of the best ones are included, but if you find a new one you like online, you can easily add them to your setup.

Homebrew AppStore: The homebrew AppStore is a convenient way to download and try out new apps and emulators. You can install and uninstall them with directly from the AppStore.

FTP File Transfer: With the FTP App, you can send files back and forth between your Switch Mod and your PC. This can save you a lot of time transferring files to and from your SD card for smaller files. No need for eject and move your SD card back and forth ever time or untangle your USB cables.

Firmware Update/Downgrade App: There are multiple apps that allow you to update and downgrade the System Firmware Version on the Mod-Side. On the Stock-Side, you can update it like normal using the system updates.

mod and stock side



Q: Can I Gen Pokemon for Sword and Shield with this?
A: Yes. You have all the tools needed to backup your saves and edit them in PKHeX. PKHeX has a built in legality checker, so please make sure to use it. Also works with Pokemon Let's Go Eevee / Pikachu and Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl. 

Q: Will a Modded Switch get banned?
A: My setups have been built to be as safe as possible to avoid bans. Instructions will be included for basic safety precautions to you keep you safe.

Q: What is a Switch USB Key?
A: The Switch Key makes booting easier.


Fine Print
When you purchase this product you are paying for the physical products (Switch Tablet and SD Card), the labor to prepare, and access to my full customer support. Have a questions about something? You can ask me and get a quick response.

All of the Custom Firmware, Apps, Software, Saves, Cheats, or anything else that makes up the mod setup is free and is not included in the price. All of that software is free, mostly open source, and available to anyone.

* Free Open Source Homebrew games


Here is a list of original software and open source apps that are used to organize PokEdit's Select App Suite.

Atmosphere, RetroReloaded, Hekate, nx-hbmenu, Tinfoil, Lithium, EdiZon, Awoo-Installer, PKHeX, NXThemes Installer, Themezer, PPlay, RetroArch, hb-appstore, FTPD, SkyNX, ChoiDujour, AIO Switch Update, nxdumptool

Also includes a Micro SD Card, Switch USB-C Key, Jig, SX OS License, and all of the following customizations:

  • CFW and EmuNand setup. Atmosphere, SX OS, and Lakka come pre-installed and ready to go.
  • Custom Boot Screen that will let you choose which OS to boot into. You can also boot into "Stock" just as if it was never modded. This is where you'll go to play games online and do save some save editing.
  • Incognito installed to keep you safer from getting banned.
  • Emulators installed, theme pack and installer included, Save Backup and Restore Tool, FTP App for wireless sending data to and from your PC (no need to remove your SD card all the time!). Tinfoil and GoldLeaf installed. HBG/Shop version of Tinfoil installed on the EmuNand home screen. HBG/Shop will not be fully setup unless you purchase the Mod Plus package.


Please contact me after purchasing if you're interested in the Mod Plus package. It includes a lot more than the standard mod. It's $9.90 per month, but you can cancel anytime you don't need it anymore.


Please note that these will not be shipped until about 2 weeks after the order is made (on average). I cannot afford to keep them in stock, so I have to order the parts as the orders are made. So these are essentially "Made to Order". 


Can I Gen Pokemon for Sword and Shield with this?

Yes. You'll have all the tools need to backup your saves and edit them in PKHeX. PKHeX has a built in legality checker, so please make sure to use it. It's highly recommend to Gen the Pokemon with this Switch and local trade them to another Switch. But you can do it all on this Switch if you want to.

Will also work with Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.


Will my Modded Switch get banned?

My mods have been setup to be as safe as possible to avoid bans. Instructions will be included for basic safety precautions so you keep yourself safe.


What's a Switch USB-C Key:

"Switch Key" is include. You'll need this plugged in to turn on your system. This is my default setup. If you don't like this, I can disable it, but you'll need to insert the "jig" (included also) anytime you want to boot custom firmware.