JoyCons Housing Mod - Animal Crossing White

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Refurbished Joycon, high quality shell replacement, Metal Locks, driftfree Analog Sticks, and two wrist strap attachments.

100% Guaranteed to work and have NO DRIFT. These Joycons are tested to insure they are fully functional.  



Custom Colors
Nintendo doesn't offer these.

New Sticks
New analogs; NO Drift.

Soft Touch
Ultra quality soft feel.

JoyCons WITHOUT Drift.

Metal Locks
Won't slide off... ever!

Safe and Secure
Keeping you protected.



JoyCons with NO DRIFT
All of my JoyCons are professional cleaned and tested during the modding process to ensure there is no drift issues. If there's even the slightest hint of drift then 100% analog sticks are installed.

These JoyCons are guaranteed for a lifetime of no drift. That means if something ever happens you can send them back for analog stick replacements.


Metal Locks
Metal Locks are installed to insure that the JoyCons don't become loose over time and end up sliding off your Switch tablet easily.

The original locks that Nintendo uses are made out of plastic. But these new locks are made out of tough metal and will not let you down.

Please see the image gallery for a close up picture of the metal locks.


    High Quality Shells
    I use very high quality shells made out of extremely durable plastic. They are smooth to the touch and feel great. Many people even prefer them over the original JoyCon feel.

    These shells of a "Soft Touch" and feel amazing to hold.


    A full 90 day warranty is included with the JoyCons. If there was any issues due to the modding process you can send them back to be fixed or replaced. This includes any future drift issues if you have them.

    After the 90 days, you'll still be able to send them in for repairs for a small fee.